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Western Hunting. A magazine like never before!

Western Hunting is an electronic magazine created for those with an interest in hunting game animals in western North America.

Western Hunting is also at the leading edge of a paradigm shift in the world of publishing. It is delivered electronically. It comes with multi-media capability, including audio and video. It uses the brilliance of the screen to illuminate its pages, but it remains a magazine at core. We use traditional 'pages'. We use magazine layouts and design. We run magazine stories and build ad space in the traditional way.

Within this familiar framework, Western Hunting adds depth, clarity and a new perspective to its content via its interactive, multi-media capability. Audio and video will deliver tips, techniques and adventure. Web links provide access to web sites for more detailed hunting and destination information. Advertising is interactive and educational. All this while providing a high quality hunting magazine with a trademark look and consistent editorial excellence.

Led by respected outdoor editor Henry Frew, Western Hunting will bring you leading edge coverage of hunting in the West. Starting in the north country we will keep a sharp eye on Alaska, The Yukon, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona and New Mexico. In addition, we'll make occasional forays into western Manitoba for a moose adventure; North or South Dakota for upland birds; western Kansas or Oklahoma in search of a record-book whitetail; or Western Texas after wild boar. We'll share the secrets and first hand experiences of some of the most respected outdoorsmen in the west, set against a back drop of stunning original works of outdoor art.

Western Hunting is published 6 times a year and delivered free of charge via the Internet. Each month we'll send you an e-mail to announce the publication of the latest issue. We'll tell you what you can expect to find and the Internet address of the download site for that months issue.

In addition, every subscriber will be able to download any back issue from our archives. As with the current issue, downloads of back issues are also FREE of CHARGE.

Is there a catch? No. And, you are under NO OBLIGATION.

Seem too good to be true? Here's how it works. We are able to offer you a world-class full color publication, at NO CHARGE because we publish and distribute Western Hunting electronically. And, by using the Internet as our delivery system we are able to deliver an unlimited number of copies of our publication around the globe rapidly and inexpensively. Traditional printed magazines must charge a subscription and mailing fee just to help cover the huge costs of printing and distribution. We're able to pass this saving along to you, in the hopes that you will enjoy it and tell your friends.

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